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Friends of Kashmir urges U.S. Govt. to intervene in the Kashmir issue, protect Kashmiris from Indian brutality

Indian forces are committing genocide against innocent Kashmiris and they have been deprived of their democratic right by forcibly ending the special status of Kashmir.

DALLAS: Friends of Kashmir in Dallas have urged the U.S. government to intervene for reconciliation in the Kashmir issue, and help protect the innocent Kashmiris from the unending Indian brutality. 

The said the US government should find a solution to the issue of Kashmir, under the resolutions of the United Nations.

On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, a Kashmir conference was organized by Friends of Kashmir at the Carleton Public Library in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, as the event speakers said that the humanitarian crisis has affected everyone globally.

Violation of human rights is a major problem of the world that the international community has to solve urgently. Friends of Kashmir and the Sikh community not only protested the aggression of the Indian security forces on the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir but expressed solidarity with Kashmiris and demanded the intervention of the US government.

On this occasion, Chairman Friends of Kashmir Ghazala Habib said in her speech that the security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir are committing genocide against innocent Kashmiris and they have been deprived of their democratic right by forcibly ending the special status of Kashmir. She demanded the US government resolve the Kashmir issue through effective reconciliation on this issue under the UN-approved resolution.

Addressing the Kashmir conference, the chief guest of the event, Steve Babick, Mayor of the City of Carrollton, said that the humanitarian crisis is a serious problem that has affected people living all over the world in one way or another.

“As Mayor of Carrollton I have always valued the sentiments of the residents of this city. He said that regarding the issue of Kashmir, we have a limited importance at the city level, but we value the feelings and emotions of all sections of this city.”

Ashar Shehzad, Deputy Consul General of Pakistan Consulate General, Houston, who was present on this occasion, said that Pakistan has always raised its voice for the right of self-determination of Jammu and Kashmir at every forum in the world and demanded that the Kashmir issue be a resolution approved by the United Nations. be resolved accordingly.

He further said that Pakistan has always condemned the atrocities committed on Kashmiris and will continue to do so.

On this occasion, Abdul Hafeez Khan, a well-known businessman from the Board of Trustees of the Pakistan Society of North Texas, said as a special guest that Violation of human rights in Kashmir, Palestine and India is undoubtedly a serious problem.

History is a witness that no state or country has ever been a superpower. America is a superpower at this time and I will suggest to the American government that as a superpower, it should take action to end the crisis of humanity from all over the world and make history by ending it. So that the world can always remember America in history.

On this occasion, Board of Trustee of Pakistan Society of North Texas Barkat Basria said that the whole world is in the grip of this crisis. Especially the war situation in the Middle East is raising fears of a third world war and the sad thing is that the US government is not on the right track on this issue.

“US taxpayers’ money is being used for the massacre of Palestinian Muslims. This action of President Joe Biden is not correct in any way and we strongly condemn it.” Barkat said.

He said that we are not disappointed. We hope that when America’s leadership changes, effective changes will take place in the world.

On this occasion, Khalistan Movement leader Gurvinder Singh along with his other movement colleagues also participated in this event to express solidarity with Kashmiris. He said in his address that India is the worst country in the world for minorities. Where minorities have always been exploited.

India has been at the top of the list of countries where forced media blackouts have been imposed for five years. There were 84 media blackouts in 2022 alone. Now that the opening ceremony of a temple has been covered day and night by the media. Not only India, but the entire world is expressing its opinion in this regard. There is live coverage from all over the world but when it comes to minorities who speak truth, justice and their dignity, the Indian media sleeps.

It not only sleeps but also does not provide opportunities for minorities to express themselves. He said that here in America we have complete freedom without discrimination and it is necessary for us to wish that our brothers and sisters in Kashmir and Indian Punjab can also live with such freedom. For that we have to play our role seriously.

The event was attended by a large number of Pakistani Americans from various walks of life in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. While Ghazala Habib on behalf of Friends of Kashmir presented a Kashmiri shawl to the wife of the Mayor of Carlton.

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