Congressman Bergman Among Pakistanis; Addresses Important Issues

Jack Bergman, the newly elected congressman from Michigan, was called in as a special guest in an event arranged by PAKPAC, the pioneer organization for Pakistani think tank and community in United States.


Jack Bergman in his address described his stance on the Middle East situation calling the decision of Trump to eliminate Soleimani precise and on point. He further illustrated upon the government’s non war engaging policies stating that the US doesn’t wish to get involved in any armed clash with the Middle Easters nation. The event was being attended by PAKPAC officials as well as a number of people belonging to the Pakistan community


He further stated that the United States does not plan on immediate evacuation of their troops from Afghanistan and Iraq and that the prime purpose of the presence of US troops in the region is to ensure peace is maintained among the neighboring countries.


Calling the United States “a giving nation”, he encapsulated the purpose of US aid across the world stating that US wishes to provide a hand to the countries in despair so they could strive and then thrive in the latter.


Speaking over the gun violence in America, he stated that it is absolutely essential to look over the facts that are engaging such atrocities across the nation. Parents should focus on the primary brought up of their children.


Jack Bergman tackled a bunch of questions by the attendees while addressing them about the governmental policies to support the masses in terms of health and education. Jack Bergman expressed his delights on attending this event put together by PAKPAC.


President PAKPAC, Dr. Rao Kamran, expressed his gratitude towards the congressman for attending the event and addressing the people on his policies. He invited people to join PAKPAC stating that it is key for the community if more people get themselves involved in politics.


The attendees congratulated president PAKPAC for putting together this dialogue with the congressman, stating that it is absolutely essential for the community to remain connected with the Congress.

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