Afghan mosque blast leaves at least three killed and several wounded.


A blast at a mosque in Afghanistan rocks Nangarhar province, at least three people were killed and wounded more than 15 on Friday, a hospital official told news agency.

The blast took place in Spin Ghar district of the eastern province, a active belt of Daesh group activity since August Taliban seized power.

According to a Taliban official told to news agency that, “I can confirm a blast during Friday prayers inside a mosque in Spin Ghar district. There are casualties and fatalities.”

The Afghan based Daesh group first emerged in Nangarhar in 2015 and has claimed responsibility for a series of bloody attacks in Afghanistan since the Taliban’s return to power.

One of the latest attack in early November, Daesh fighters conducted the Kabul National Military Hospital, killing at least 19 people and injuring more than 50.

Earlier this year Deash attacks on two popular mosques with the ethnic minority Hazara community killed more than 120 people.


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