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Muslim staff of Customs and Border Protection at JFK airport organizes Eid Millan

NEW YORK: Muslim staff of Customs and Border Protection Officers and personnel organized Eid celebration at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The ceremony began with the US national anthem. Police officers of Port Authority, New Jersey Muslim Officers Society and New York Police Muslim Officers Society attended the Eid Millan.

Muslim Officers Society President and first Pakistani-American Inspector Adeel Rana and Hamza Masjid Imam Kashif Aziz were invited as special guests. CBP Officer Shehbaz Abrar introduced Inspector Adeel Rana and Imam Kashif Aziz.

Imam Hamza Masjid Kashif Aziz highlighted the importance and excellence of Ramadan and also presented the summary of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Addressing the participants on this occasion, Inspector Adeel Rana said that the greatest beauty of a New York is that all persons belonging to every religion and nationalities were present in each institution of New York and they all work together for the development of America.

CBK’s director said that JFK is the largest airport in the America whose staff includes more than a hundred Muslim employees. He said that the staff here not only screen domestic and foreign passengers, but welcome them upon their arrival in the US and ensure the provision of all required facilities according to the laws.

A special arrangement was also made for decorating hands with henna on Eid Milan and the policemen applied henna on their hands.

A certificate of appreciation was also presented to NYPD’s Inspector Adeel Rana by the Customs and Border Protection department.

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