NYPD appoints Bangladeshi-American Karam Chowdhury as Commanding Officer 104 Police Precinct

NYPD-MOS, BAPA extended felicitations to Karam Chowdhury on what they said ‘a historic achievement and proud moment for the community members’

New York:  Yet another proud moment for the US-based South Asian Community, and the New York Police Department (NYPD) has appointed a Bangladeshi-American Captain Karam Chowdhury as commanding officer, 104 Police Precinct.

Karam Chowdhury is also member of NYPD’s Muslim Officers’ Society (MOS), and ex-president of Bangladeshi American Police Association (BAPA).

Both police organizations have expressed their gratitude and hope that Karam Chowdhury will lead the 104 Police Precinct with utmost professional dedication and honesty.

“Our BAPA Ex-President captain Karam Chowdhury has been newly appointed to Commanding Officer of NYPD at 104 Police Precinct. We are very delighted as Bangladeshis for his new position. PAPA in a social media site said that they are delighted as Bangladeshis for the new position.

Similarly, the NYPD-MOS said: “Congratulations to our proud member and former President of Bangladeshi American Police Association on being appointed as the Commanding Officer of the NYPD 104th Precinct. This is a historic achievement and a proud moment for our members, community, and New York City.

A social media user Tina Leotta-o’dea said: “Congratulations Captain Karam Chowdhury on your promotion and to all the other members who joined this rank. I pray that God’s loving arms protect all of our brave members in the NYPD.”


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