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The first National Cricket tournament to be played from May 24th, to June 2nd , 2024 in Texas.

Cricket ground, sports complex to be built on Roland G. Parrish Park minutes from Interstates 30 and 35 in Dallas, Texas

Dallas: In a world where government actions are suspect and political division rules, a rare moment
of unity was on display in Southwest Dallas today as the Council District 4 welcomed City, Local, State, and Federal officials, along with officials of the National Cricket League, to announce that a cricket ground and a sports complex would be built on Roland G. Parrish Park on Morrell Avenue, minutes from Interstates 30 and 35 in Dallas, Texas.

After conducting two comprehensive environmental cleanups, TCEQ is now expected to issue
a clean bill of health. With persuasion from Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett, working
directly with the EPA, the community became eligible for a federal grant for financing,
procurement spending, and staffing costs to help set up the cricket and sports complex.

Most Americans have limited exposure to cricket, a game somewhat similar to baseball with
similar terms (batter, dugout, ball, catch, run, inning, umpire) but vastly different. Created
in England, cricket has been popular for decades in the erstwhile countries of the
Commonwealth (Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa) and spread to South Asia
(India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka) during the British Raj.

Today, cricket is a mammoth sport attracting over 2 billion viewers as diaspora populations
from these original countries have settled worldwide. It is growing steadily in America. In
August, India and the West Indies played a series of five T-20 games, fully sanctioned by the
International Cricket Council, with the first two held in the West Indies and the last three in
Broward County, Florida. In the T-20 format, each team pitches (or bowls) 120 balls to the
other side. Whoever scores the most runs wins.

The National Cricket League ( NCL), headquartered in Dallas under the leadership of Az
Qasmi, ( CEO ) aims to bring the exciting 10 overs format to America. Called Sixty Strikes
cricket, each team will bowl 60 balls to the other side. Six franchisee teams are already up
and running, with team logos and branding – from Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta,
Houston, and Dallas. The 2024 tournament will be played from May 24th, to June 2nd , 2024
in Texas.

Local leaders, including Carolyn King Arnold, Deputy Mayor Protem, and Arun Agarwal, the
president of the Dallas Park and Recreation Board and NCL’s Chairman and part owner of the
NCL Dallas franchise, joined State of Texas officials such as former Secretary of State John
Scott to work with Congresswoman Crockett to bring the project’s vision to fruition. All were
present at the event’s kick-off today.

The new cricket complex at Roland G. Parrish Park won’t be ready for the 2024 tournament,
but when it returns in 2025, the event is likely to bring significant economic development and
cheer to this once-neglected Southwest Dallas community. ESPN, Willow Cricket, and Star
Sports, ARY TV & Many Ohers Tv Channels will cover all games live.

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