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Congressman Tom Souzzi announces to reactivate the Congressional Pakistan Caucus

NEWYORK: Pakistani Americans have become active to improve the economy of Pakistan and take the country on the path of development. US Congressman Tom Souzzi announced the reactivation of the Congressional Pakistan Caucus.

Pakistani American community held an important meeting with Congressman Tom Souzzi in New York’s Long Island area. Social and business personalities Dr. Shehzad and Imran Igra hosted the meeting. The hosts welcomed the Congressman Tom Souzzi and introduced with their guests.

Col. Retired Maqbool Malik, New York Police Inspector Adeel Rana and other political, social and business personalities of the Pakistani community also participated in the event.

Host Imran Igarh drew Congressman Tom Souzzi’s attention to the growing energy crisis in Pakistan. He said that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project is the best solution to energy crisis, but it has been pending for many years. He asked the Congressman as whether Pakistan be expected to get concessions from the US in this matter?

In response to the question, Congressman Tom Souzzi said that if America will not help Pakistan, then who will. He said that America should invest in Pakistan’s alternative sources of energy.

Dr. Shahzad said that if Pakistan is allowed to complete the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project and concession of three to five years is given then $500 billion can be saved annually.

Many important issues including further improvement of Pakistan-US relations, stability of Pakistani economy and promotion of bilateral trade were discussed in the meeting while the participants also presented their suggestions for solving many problems.

On this occasion, Tom Souzzi announced to reactivate the Congressional Pakistani Caucus.

The young students of the Pakistani community also participated in the meeting. The participants thanked Congressman Tom Souzzi for helping Pakistan during natural calamities and other difficult situations. He was also declared as the best friend of Pakistan and the Pakistani community.

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