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ICNA MAS convention 2024 begins

BALTIMORE: The largest Muslims gathering in US “ICNA MAS 2024” convention began in Baltimore , Maryland.

More than 30,000 people from the Muslim American community are participating in the convention. Islamic scholoars and important personalities will address the participants of the convention.

This is the forty-ninth annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America in which more than 30,000 people from across the United States are participating.

Briefing the details of the event, ICNA President Dr. Mohsin Ansari said that the Muslims of Palestine and Gaza are the voice of all of us, so the title of this convention is accordingly.

Prayers were being offered at all five times in congregation by thousands of members of the Muslim community.

ICNA President Dr. Mohsin Ansari lauded the courage of Shaun King, a well-known American activist who recently converted to Islam, and said that the social media app Instagram had deactivated his account after supporting Palestine cause where he had 6 million followers but despite the loss he suffered he remained the voice of the Palestinians.

Award-winning American author, journalist and human rights activist Jeffrey Shaun King, 44, also took part in the event where he addressed the participants and raised his voice in favor of the oppressed Palestinians.

Eminent Islamic scholars of the United States and important personalities from important fields are giving speeches in more than 180 different sessions and workshops, which include special statements on important life issues including the teachings of Islam.n

Reowned Islamic scholors Yasir Qazi, Altaf Hussain and others are participating the event. Participants raised voices for the victims of Palestine and Gaza.

Talking to the media, Shaun King said, “Gaza is still in our hearts. This terrible genocide has forced many of us to convert to Islam. I am here to support and encourage all Palestinians.”

“I am grateful to those who are raising their voices for them even now,” he added.

The ICNA convention which is being held in the large convention hall of Baltimore, not only focuses on preaching the religion of Islam, but this three-day gathering also provides entertainment for the Muslim American community.

A large bazaar has been organized in the convention, in which Muslim vendors from all over the United States sell all kinds of items, and special arrangements have also been made for children’s entertainment.

The third day of the convention will conclude with a prayer.

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