China & India Discuss Proposals to Improve Ties Hit by India’s Action in Occupied Kashmir

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Saturday he had a free and frank discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and would pursue proposals the two leaders discussed to improve bilateral ties.

Xi and Modi held several hours of one-on-one talks in a southern seaside Indian town in their second annual summit designed to break through decades of distrust between their countries over border disputes.

“Yesterday and today we have engaged in candid discussions and as friends,” Xi said in opening remarks as the two leaders sat down for formal talks with their delegations.

Ties were ruffled when India stripped occupied Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status on August 5, angering both Pakistan and its all-weather ally China.

Xi is scheduled to visit Nepal after his India meet, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying had announced on Wednesday.

Ahead of Xi’s trip to India, China  invited  Prime Minister Imran Khan for talks on bilateral issues. During the talks, Xi told the premier Beijing was paying close attention to the Kashmir situation and that the facts were clear, the Xinhua state news agency had reported.

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