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Mayor Adams ask citizens to sign up for notifying city free emergency notification system  

NEWYORK: NEW York city Mayor Eric Adams said that we’re really encouraging people to sign up for notify NYC, the city’s free emergency notification system which will help you get updated and stay updated.

Talking to media at weekly briefing, Mayor Adams said that last week we announced we’re on track to deliver over 14,000 apprenticeship opportunities by the end of the year.

“This is way ahead of our schedule, nearly halfway towards the 30,000 apprenticeships by 2030,”he said adding that these apprenticeships really place our young people in a pathway to learning the type of employment and profession they would like to go into.

Mayor Adams said that he and other team members talk about the heat index and we gave a list of recommendations. “We want people to really be conscious. We expanded and we’ll continue to open up our cooling centers tomorrow through Thursday and New Yorkers can find additional ways to stay cool by calling 311,” he said.

Mayor Adams  said that last week our team released the realm of possibilities, the report highlighted 15 ways our administration is improving public space for New Yorkers, from eliminating those darn sheds that we are taking down, to the country’s largest outdoor dining program, to planting thousands of trees and ensuring schoolyards are open.

“Really excited about that, it falls in line with our charter revision commission, a great deal of hearings, the entire team, we’ve got two coming up in the Bronx and in Brooklyn,” he said.

To a question, Mayor Adams said that we did such an amazing job in Brownsville of decreasing crime, increasing unemployment.

“We really focused, and I always felt Brownsville was the bellwether on how well we’re doing as a city. When I spoke with the team over the weekend, it was really alarming that the number of young people under the age of 21 that are in possession of guns and are using the guns. Listen, we’re clear. We still are moving in the right direction. Crime is decreasing, particularly in shootings and homicides. That’s not a consolation when your loved one is a victim of a shooting, and we’re clear on that,” he said.

Regarding question about Assembly member Raj Kumar who is potentially looking to run for comptroller in 2025, Mayor Adams said that right now it’s 2024 and he is focused on making the city more affordable, livable, and safe.

“The candidates that [are] going to run in 2025, they’re going to make that announcement. I think she’s a great assemblyperson. She’s one of the hardest-working assemblywomen, what she has done around cannabis issues, what she has done around bringing issues that’s important to not only her constituency but the entire state. I am, pleased with her no matter what office she decides to be in. She has been a real ally for the people of the city,” he said.

Mayor Adams said that crime is down and we have a 14 percent decrease in crime up to June. So the precinct commanders are doing the right thing.

To a question about closure of libraries on Sunday, Mayor Adams said that they didn’t call for libraries to be closed on Sunday.

“We need to be clear. That’s the soundbite that people have embraced. That was not our decision to close libraries on Sundays. The libraries made the decision on how they were going to find savings. That was one of the decisions that they made. The budget process is still going on. We’re looking forward to settling the budget and whatever way we can keep people cool. We want to do so.”

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