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NYC Comptroller releases new monthly data on department of correction operations

NEWYORK: New York City Comptroller’s Office released its monthly update to the department of correction (DOC) Dashboard.

Key monthly DOC metrics show: DOC jails housed 6,307 detained individuals as of May 1, 26 fewer people than as of April 1.

DOC incarcerated 1,915 people in April, 136 fewer people than admitted in March.  DOC discharged 1,953 people in March, 4 fewer people than in March.

The average length of a person detained in DOC custody was 105 days in April, a 9 day increase from March. In April, an average of 6 percent of staff were out sick and 5 percent of staff were on medically restricted leave; no change from prior month.

1,806 instances of use of force occurred in FY24 3Q, 125 fewer incidents than in FY24 2Q. Use of force rate per 100 average daily population was 29 in FY24 3Q, down 2 from FY24 2Q.

Other violence indicators in April:  510 fights broke out, 23 fewer than in March.

55 assaults on staff occurred, 13 more incidents than in March.  23 slashings and stabbings occurred, 4 fewer incidents than in March.

No one reportedly died in custody in April. At least three people have died in custody in 2024.

The Comptroller’s dashboard, first published in August 2022, monitors pervasive issues in the City’s jails, including staff absenteeism, missed medical appointments, and incidents of violence among detained people and staff. It also tracks the jail population every month and length of stay.

The Comptroller’s office publishes data to this dashboard monthly to provide increased transparency and accountability over the City’s jail system.

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