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Mayor Adams delivers remarks at flag-raising ceremony for Guyana

NEWYORK: New York city Mayor Eric Adams said that New York is the Georgetown of America and one of the largest Guyanese populations are living in New York.

Addressing at flag-raising cermoney for Guyana, Mayor Eric Adams said that fifty eight years of independence and you will continue to grow.  He said that the most senior post of the significant department on the globe was being held by a Guyanese and that is significant accomplishment to reach that level.

“We have others. My chief technology officer, Matt Fraser, who’s standing here now, also of Guyanese. He was quick to remind me that those with the most swagger in my administration is from Guyana,” Mayor Adams said.

“I think you have just started as a country. The discovery of oil, the technology, the growth, the evolution. I want the ambassador and the council general to know that there’s a real partnership in home here in New York,” he added.

Mayor Adams said that it took one hundred and ten mayors before the Guyanese flag was raised here last year for the first time because we understand diversity is our strength.

“When we acknowledge the contributions of all of our various groups, we acknowledge what makes us great, not only as a city, but as a country,” he added.

“We are the place where one can come and to aspire and to grow and to maintain your love for your homeland as you embrace your adopted land.”

“That is one of the prerequisites of being American. You do not abandon who you are. You don’t call yourself American Guyanese, African-American, American Chinese, American Irish. No, America said, put your culture first, hold on to it and have it as a common denominator that we all can appreciate.,” Mayor Adams said.

“Because of that, we’re able to continue to have people come from all over the globe and say they want to make this their home. I say to those who are waiting on the line to touch the ball. I say to those who are visiting this city. There’s two types of Americans, those who live in New York and those who wish they could. We’re the lucky ones,” he added.

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