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New Jersey’s Pakistani origin doctors announce to start a free ambulance service in underprivileged areas of Pakistan

NEW YORK:New Jersey’s Pakistani origin US doctors announced to start a free ambulance service in the underprivileged areas of Pakistan.

The announcement came during the spring meeting 2024 of Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America, an organization consisting of Pakistani-US doctors in the United States, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, under the auspices of the New Jersey Chapter.

The ceremony was started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Dr. Mustafa Jafari.

After the recitation, Dr. Tazeen Azfar requested the participants to stand up in honor of the national anthems of the US and Pakistan. All the guests sang the anthems.

A special lecture was also organized in the event regarding the treatment of calcification in patients with coronary and peripheral arterial disease and a paradigm shift towards intravascular lithotripsy.

Secretary APNA New Jersey chapter Dr. Amina Saqib, moderated the event and introduced participants  with Dr. Ramzan Zakir who came to give a lecture about such disease.

Dr. Ramzan Zakir informed the participants about the details of the disease and its prevention.

Former president of APNA New Jersey chapter Dr. Shahnaz Akhtar welcomed the participants to the Spring Meeting 2024 while thanking the special guests of the event Alan Lee, Bill Arnold, Dr. Jason Nehmad and others for joining the program and making it memorable.

The Trustee of  APNA New Jersey chapter and the host of the event Dr. Rizwana Khan gave a detailed introduction to the President of New Jersey chapter, Dr. Irfana Khan, and invited her to address the participants on the stage.

Addressing participants, Dr. Irfana Khan said that New Jersey represents Pakistan in the field of medicine.  She said that this event marks the beginning of another year of innovation, collaboration and service for our communities.

Dr. Irfana said that one of the goals of APNA New Jersey is to become a bridge that connects Pakistani doctors from different backgrounds and provides a platform for educational and welfare projects for physicians.

On this occasion, Dr. Irfana also announced the establishment of a free ambulance service for the underprivileged areas of Pakistan.

The former president of APNA New Jersey  chapter Saira Zubair introduced Dr. Mehmood Alam, the next president of APNA New Jersey chapter, and invited him on stage.

Dr. Mehmood Alam told the participants that APNA was established about 48 years ago in 1976 and the founders of this organization, as per their belief for their profession and motherland, founded the association of doctors of Pakistani origin so that we all can collectively maintain moral values, participate in social and professional activities and contribute educationally and intellectually with each others.

Besides, he said that purpose of the organization was to upgrade medical care and provide medical care to all, regardless of their country of origin, their religion and race.

Mehmood Alam said that more than 600 students of Pakistani origin have obtained positions in residency in the United States this year which is the highest number ever compared to the past.

Later,  President and CEO of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Bill  Arnold, who was the guest of honor of the event, was invited while giving his introduction.

Bill Arnold said that like every year, it is a great pleasure to participate in the event.

He said that  APNA New Jersey team always has been strong and he is always impressed by the APNA performance and efforts.

APNA New Jersey President Dr. Irfana invited Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital President Alan Lee on stage and invited Bill Arnold to present the award. to him.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital President and CEO Bill Arnold was also given an award by the APNA New Jersey Chapter in recognition of his services.

New Jersey chapter official Dr. Mohammad Zubair was also conferred award by the Chief guest Bill Arnold.

Addressing audience, Dr. Zubair said that every life is very important for us as doctors.

He said that so many innocent people were being killed in the war in Middle East, Ukraine and Russia but the real responsible were sitting behind the curtain whereas innocent, women, old people, children were being killed.

He said that he as an official of APNA New Jersey strongly condemn any war and believed that there should be a ceasefire everywhere in this world.

Dr. Zubair also introduced the participants with main sponsor of the event, Mohammad Naeem.  He said that Mr. Naeem was the person who gave millions of N95 masks to the governor’s house to be tested across the state during Covid-19 and now he is permanently associated with APNA as New Jersey partner.

The regional director of surgery in Hackensack Meridian, Dr. Faiz Bohra, was invited on stage and he presented the award to Anees Saeed.

Dr. Amna has also introduced the first Pakistani Mayor of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Fauzia Janjua and said Fauzia is the daughter of immigrant parents whose community service has spread far and wide across the country. She said that Fauzia Janjua has been posted on very important and distinguished positions in various boards.

Fouzia Janjua was also conferred award by the APNA New Jersey chapter. CEO Hackensack Meridian Health Dr. Jason Nehmad presented award to Fauzia Janjua.

Dr. Owais Masood introduced the participants with Dr. Usman Mustafa and said that Dr. Usman is not only a brilliant cardiologist but a great human being and his greatest achievement is his work for humanity. Dr. Mohammad Zubair presented award to Dr.Usman Mustafa.

The family members of renowned personality of South Asians community late Sam Khan were also invited in the event. Dr. Nadia introduced the Late Sam Khan services and said that he was a visionary leader who served his life for welfare of the community and worked for bringing all communities at one platform. She said the legacy of Sam Khan will be torch bearer for all of us.

The family of Sam Khan was also conferred award for services of Sam Khan.

The family member of Sam Khan thanked the APNA and said that Sam Khan was extraordinary person who played a role of bridge among all communities. He acknowledged that Sam Khan was leading the Pakistani community from the front whether it is US Muslim Council or Pakistan Day Parade on March 23.

Certificates were also distributed among young physicians by regional medical director Dr. Vik Batola and invision north operating unit’s program director and IM residency virtual health Dr. Rehan Shah.

APNA New Jersey Chapter treasurer Dr. Fauzia Anwar said that she also worked hard to reach such post and she has been chairman of women and children affairs committee for five years. She said that she was also conferred President Obama award for her services to the community.

The participants also enjoyed the music and songs which was sung by Kamran Mehdi Hasan, son of famous Pakistani singer Mehdi Hasan.








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