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APPNA NJ holds annual event, elects new cabinet for the year-2024

Chief Hospital and Administration of JFK Medical Center, Amie Thornton graced the event with her presence

New York: The Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descents of North America (APPNA) NJ held its annual event at the JFK Conference Center in Edison, and announced the new cabinet for the year 2024.

The event was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, and followed by American and Pakistani national anthems.

A large number of doctors from the Pakistani-American community and their families participated.

APPNA New Jersey’s first female president, Dr. Shahnaz Akhtar welcomed all the guests.

Dr. Saira Zubair, the current president of the APPNA New Jersey Chapter, was introduced, and her services were highlighted before she was invited to the address.

Dr. Saira Zubair observed a few moments of silence in memory of the innocent people who were killed in various wars and conflicts around the world.

Addressing the audience, Dr. Saira Zubair said that the doctors involved in APPNA always put the service of humanity first, performed their duties whenever necessary and never compromised on principles.

On this occasion, the former president of APPNA New Jersey Dr. Mir Muhammad announced the election of the new president Dr. Irfana Khan for the year 2024 and presented a summary of her medical services in medical science.

Dr. Irfana Khan, APPNA New Jersey President-elect for next year, applauded the efforts of the executive team.

Addressing the participants, she expressed her wish that she wants the new generation to join her, for which free membership is also being considered for the students studying here.

On this occasion, Dr. Mahmood Alam, Historian of APPNA, who has also written a book on the establishment and performance of the organization, presented a detailed review of his organization and told how 18 thousand Pakistani doctors are performing their services in 35 states of America.

At the annual event, APPNA New Jersey honored JFK Hospital CEO Amie Thornton, Dr. Najam Wasti, Dr. Ghazali, Dr. Hammad Rizvi and others with awards in recognition of their service.

Dr. Rizwana Khan invited Dr. Zubair to moderate the event.

Dr. Zubair expressed his thoughts on the current situation in the Middle East. He said that as a doctor, he wants to put a demand in front of the international community from the platform of his organization that an immediate ceasefire should be established.

Dr. Zubair introduced the guest of honor and Chief Hospital and Administration of JFK Medical Center, Amie Thornton, on how she always collaborates with the Pakistani community.

The family members of the participating doctors listened to the experts very attentively. Dr. Zubair introduced the elected cabinet of New Jersey for the year 2024 to the audience.

On this occasion, Chief Hospital and Administration of JFK Medical Center, Amie Thornton, while addressing the ceremony, said that her hospital has been working together with APPNA for many years.

Young Dr. Hamad Rizvi and Tahoor, who received the award in the annual ceremony, also expressed their views. They said that people often ask them about the beginning of their career and the difficulties faced during it.

Before the end of the ceremony, well-known singer Ali Haider performed the magic of his voice.

Ali Haider also presented some more songs to the audience on their request.

On the request of the audience, Ali Haider sang the evergreen song “Sayoni Mera Mahi”  by  Madam Noor Jahan, and the audience rose up and the colorful ceremony came to an end.

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