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Public safety, inflation control to be on a priority: Suffolk County Executive candidate Ed Romaine

South Asian community to play an important role in my administration: Republican Candidate tells a press conference

New York: Suffolk County Executive Republican candidate Ed Romaine has said that once elected he would ensure public safety and control inflation, on a priority basis, while the South Asian community will play an important role in his administration.

Addressing a press conference at the headquarters of the Suffolk County Republican Party, Ed Romine said that he has been working as a county clerk for 16 years, and as a legislator, and supervisor for 11 years, and that he understands what issues the country has been facing.

The big problem we are facing right now is to eliminate crime and ensure the safety of our people, the second problem is to control inflation and we want to make the county affordable for people.

“We all came from different places,” Ed Romaine said. We are a nation of immigrants. One issue that is controversial today is that our borders are open. We don’t have a well-thought-out immigration policy where people can come into our country and then integrate into society.

In response to a question, Ed Romine said, “People should come out of homes and vote. If you’re sick or out of town, you can vote online. You’ll be told all the voting sites. I encourage everyone to get out.” I will encourage you to vote.

Ed Romaine said during the press conference that Muslims in Long Island have a problem with the cemetery, everyone should have the right to bury their dead, we are also working to solve this problem.

If I win this election, I will have 40 days to form a government; our city has 1.5 million people. This is one-third of the county’s population. And we need qualified people to help us run the government.

During the press conference, Suffolk County District Attorney said, “I am committed to the safety of all citizens of Suffolk County.” Our federal immigration policy is inconsistent and ineffective.

Pakistani community social figure Raja Hassan said on the occasion of the press conference that we will be waiting for the support of the Republican candidate Ed Romaine for the November 7 Suffolk County Executive polls.

Raja Hassan told reporters that our district is the largest district in Long Island Pacific County.

Ed Romaine will be the voice of all parties, we are good Americans, we are hardworking, law abiding citizens. Now, is the time to take our community to the next level where we engage in the political process.

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