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Mayor Adams delivers remarks at NYPD Medal Day

NEWYORK: New York city Mayor Eric Adams said that our flag is still here because of the work that we do.

Addressing NYPD’s Medal Day ceremony, Mayor Adams said that: “We need to remind ourselves constantly this is the greatest country on the globe, and this is the greatest city on the globe, New York City.”

“Our flag is still here because of the men and women of our law enforcement community across the globe in general, but particularly to those who are members of the New York City Police Department, a department that I served in, my kid brother and several of my cousins,” he said.

“We know what it is to respond to calls of service. We know what it is to put your life on the line every day, and we know how responsible it must be. My friend, the police commissioner, Eddie Caban, touched on it. You’re not doing it for the fame and glory, but I had an obligation when I became the mayor, January 1st 2022, to finally give you the salaries that you deserve to negotiate with your unions to make sure you are able to provide for your family as you protect the families of the City of New York.”

“Not only the officers of today who are showing their heroic actions, I reflect on my good friend who was paralyzed for many years and almost in a state of coma for many years, watching his son grow up without him. Detective Patterson shot in the head while on the street, cleaning his car suspects, eventually the bullet and injuries took his life,” he said.

“Then our civilian population who we’re honoring today as well. Krystyna Naprawa, while assisting people crossing the street, her life was taken from her and taken from us. Every day we do this job, no one wakes up in the morning believing the actions that they will take is going to call on them to receive a medal or shield or some form of honor. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

Mayor Adams said that we sit under the tree of freedom because of the actions that we take all the time.

“Many have watered that tree with their blood. We should always remind ourselves as I would tell people over and over again. No one, no one is lining our borders to leave America. They’re lining our borders to come in America. We have the best product going, and that product is protected by the men and women of the New York City Police Department. I was proud to serve, and I’m proud to be the mayor of this great city,” he said.

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