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Former ICC President Zaheer Abbas calls for changes in the cricket team

NEWYORK: Asian Bradman and former ICC President Zaheer Abbas said that winning and losing are part of the game. However, there should be changes in the Pakistani cricket team and it is essential to have seniors in the selection committee.

He was speaking at a meet and greet program organized in his honor by APPAC at the residence of Dr. Ahmed Faraz Aslam in New York.

Addressing participants, Zaheer Abbas said that we should learn from our mistakes and as could not move forward without learning from these mistakes. He said that Pakistan saw a golden era in hockey, squash and cricket but lost all of them. He said that frequent change in captains of cricket team will not improve the team and there should be changes in the team.

Zaheer Abbas said that Pakistan’s senior players and fans anger over the defeat is more because cricket is their passion and said national team will perform better in the upcoming matches and tournaments.

The meet and greet was attended by prominent personalities of the Pakistani American community.

Earlier, Naheed Bhatti, the organizer of the event, introduced the APPAC team and Zaheer Abbas. He welcomed and thanked them for their arrival.

On this occasion, APPAC chairman Dr. ijaz Ahmad, who recently became a member of the Justice Center Advisory Council, said that there is no shortage of talent in our cricket.

He said that winning and losing is part of the game and we have been winning before. He said that when we will play well and we will win in the future.

Expressing their views  APPAC representatives Dr. Parvez Iqbal and Tariq Khan said that Zaheer Abbas is our pride and when he used to play cricket he ruled the game with his batting.

The host of the program Dr. Ahmed Faraz Aslam and APPAC team presented a bouquet to the guest Zaheer Abbas and everyone cut the cake together. At the end of the ceremony, a prayer was offered for development and prosperity of the Muslim Ummah.

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