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Yemen Rebel’s Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Field-ARAMCO

A drone attack claimed by Yemen’s Houthi group  has sparked a fire in a oil and gas field (ARAMCO) at Shayba in Saudi Arabia with 10 drones, according to a tweet by the Iran-aligned movement’s TV.

The attack sparked a fire in a Saudi gas plant Saturday but caused no casualties or disruption to production, state-owned energy company Saudi Aramco said.

The facilities attacked included a refinery and oil storage, it said.

The Houthis have carried out a spate of cross-border missile and drone attacks targeting Saudi air bases and other facilities in recent months.

Shaybah, which produces about a million barrels of crude oil a day, is located more than 1,000 kilometres from Houthi-controlled territory in northwestern Yemen.

The field sits in the Arabian Peninsula’s Empty Quarter, only a few kilometres from the border with the United Arab Emirates.

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