Xi Jinping emerges as China’s strongest leader

China scraps presidential term limit, enabling Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely

BEIJING: China’s parliament has amended the country’s constitution to end term limits for the presidency, allowing President Xi Jinping to stay in power for an indefinite period.

Nearly 3,000 members of China’s National People’s Congress voted on Sunday to repeal a 10-year limit on presidential tenures, along with a series of other constitutional changes aimed at entrenching Mr. Xi and his Communist Party’s dominance.

The amendment ends a 1982 system enacted by former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping that set a two presidential term limit in order to prevent lifelong dictatorship.

“I can now announce that the proposals to amend the constitution of the People’s Republic of China has passed,” an announcer proclaimed, sparking a 20-second burst of applause.

China’s ruling Communist Party proposed the amendment last month and there was never any doubt it would pass as Parliament is packed with loyal party members who would not have opposed the proposal.

This was the first amendment to the country’s fundamental law in 14 years.


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