World Observes “Black Day” as Indian Occupation of Kashmir Marks 73 Years

Black Day was observed all over the world to show solidarity with Kashmiris. Consulate of Pakistan in New York organized a webinar to show solidarity with Kashmiris. Consul General Ayesha Ali said on the occasion that despite the overwhelming challenges, Kashmiris are still fighting for their right to self-determination included in various Security Council resolutions.

Demonstrations were observed in New York City against Indian occupation of Kashmir and oppression on Kashmiris by Indian Army. Demonstrators said that black day is being observed and despite the passage of seven decades, Kashmiris are still waiting for the fulfillment of the UN resolution to Kashmiris.

Amna Razzaq, a Kashmiri woman part in the protest, said that today was the darkest day in history; India set foot in Kashmir’s “Janat Nazeer Valley” and occupied it aggressively till date.

A protest was staged in front of the Indian Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, under the supports of Kashmir German Council Germany. A large number of people attended this protest including Kashmiri’s, Sikh’s and Pakistanis.
The speakers said that the international community should act and take notice of the oppression on Kashmiri Muslims. The Indian Army should stop the oppression on Kashmiris.

In the protest, Gar Charan Singh, Co-ordinator of the World Sikh Parliament, said that the international community should listen to the voice of the Sikh nation as well as Kashmir and the Indian government should stop oppression in Kashmir and on Sikh nation.

First Secretary Mubashir Ahmed read the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi messages and Secretary Kamran read the messages of the Prime Minister of Pakistan in a seminar organized on the occasion of Black Day at the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin.

While Addressing the participants, Ambassador of Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Faisal said that India had landed its troops in Kashmir for the first time on October 27, 1947 and since then India has occupied a large part of Kashmir till date. Every year on 27 October, Kashmiris reminds the United Nations to fulfill its promise of a referendum in Jammu and Kashmir.

Observations of the Black Day against India, aims to expose occupation and massacre of Kashmirs over international community. On the occasion, friends of Kashmir leaders said that Kashmiris have been standing up for their rights for the last seven decades. Pakistan has encouraged Kashmiris with continued political, moral and diplomatic support.

A ceremony was organized at the Embassy of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia to express solidarity with the Kashmiri nation, Diplomats and staff strongly condemned the ongoing atrocities in Occupied Kashmir on the occasion of Black Day. Raja Ali Ejaz Pakistani Ambassador said that Kashmiri nation is our vital part of existence which can never be separated.

Pakistan and Kashmiris around the world should work together to highlight the Kashmir cause and draw the attention of the international media to Kashmir. For lasting peace in the region, it is imperative that the Kashmir issue must be resolved in accordance to UN and OIC resolutions and Kashmiris should be given their basic right of freedom.
Diplomatic officers Omar Manzoor Malik and Saifullah Khan also read out messages from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan

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