World Economic Forum recognizes Pakistan’s successful economic policies

Geneva Canton, Switzerland,

Pakistan’s successful policies during the global corona virus have been recognized globally. Pakistan has become the least economically disadvantaged country by overcoming Corona.

The World Economic Forum has announced the celebration of ‘Pakistan Strategy Day’. Prime Minister Imran Khan will brief Corona on the rescue strategy.

The international community has recognized that Pakistan has taken the lead in achieving the best coronation strategy.

In recognition of successful policies against the corona virus, the World Economic Forum has named November 25 as Pakistan Day.

The WEF President will also conduct a live interview with Prime Minister Imran Khan via video link. Investors from around the world, chief executives of companies will also be able to ask questions of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Prime Minister will explain what policies during Corona reduced Pakistan’s economic losses. Pakistan is the only country in the world where the government’s strategy has improved the situation to such an extent that business life has been completely restored.

During the first wave of Corona in the world, Pakistan had the least economy. Sources said that during the video interview with the World Economic Forum, financial advisers Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and Asad Umar will also express their views on the strategy adopted during Corona.

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