Woman robbed, gang-raped on a motorway in Punjab.

CCPO statement fuels up controversy amid blames the victim.


The  gang rape  of a woman between Tuesday and Wednesday night at the  Lahore motorway moving from Lahore to Gujjar pura  is another chilling reminder of the threat posed by criminals who populate our alleyways and highways.

Medical examination of a women confirmed the rape, and police arrest more than 12 suspects from near by village of the crime scene. Police and medical team  collect the DNA from all the 12 suspects. High level investigations are underway.

The victim, accompanied by her two children, was waiting for assistance on the side of the highway after her car ran out of fuel. Her vehicle was attacked by two armed men, who then took her and her two children to a nearby field on gun-point and sexually abused her.

Anger outrages through out the country when newly-appointed police chief of Lahore Umar Shaikh managed to make the situation worse by suggesting that the victim was also to blame for the situation.

“What surprises me is that, being a mother of three (young) children and the only driver (unaccompanied by an adult male), why would she not take the GT Road that has population around it? If nothing else, she should have checked her fuel,” CCPO Umar Sheikh told to local news channel, in an audio interview.

Chief minister Punjab Usman Bozdar  said in a n TV Interview over the CCPO Umar Sheikh  statement that full scale inquiry underway against the culprits and  each and every person who shows extreme negligence in the case.

The video clip has since been widely shared on social media, including Twitter, and resulted in an infuriated response from social media with #RemoveCCPOLahore becoming one of the top trends in the country.

The blatant victim-blaming also elicited a response from the country’s human rights minister.

The shut up calls quickly followed, with one user who uses the handle @daanistan also hoping for a modicum of karma against those dishing out unsolicited advice to women.

While academic Nida Kirmani was of the view that the top cop should not only be ousted but the “victim-blaming mentality that pervades our society should be removed”.

Pakistan Peoples Party leader Sharmila Faruqii was of the view that a “zero tolerance policy” should be adopted toward men who support the criminal while bashing the victim.

Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly condemned the incident and assured that those responsible for the heinous act would be taken to task.

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