Warning shots fired at Russian plane, says South Korea

South Korean fighter jets fired over 400 warning shots and Japan complained to Moscow on Tuesday after a Russian military plane violated airspace claimed by both Seoul and Tokyo.

Seoul said a Russian A-50 warplane twice entered South Korean airspace near the disputed Dokdo islets — which Japan calls Takeshima.

Seoul officials said they responded by scrambling F-15K and KF-16 fighters, which first issued warnings and fired flares. They fired 80 warning shots at the plane during the first breach, and 280 rounds during the second.

Russia has denied violating the country’s airspace. Moscow said two of its bombers carried out a planned drill over “neutral waters” and denied any warning shots were fired by South Korean jets.

But Japan then confirmed its military had also deployed fighter jets in response to the Russian incursion.

Russia later said it had been conducting its first joint long-range air patrol in the region with China, according to Reuters news agency.

This is the first incident of its kind between Russia and South Korea.

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