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Visitor restrictions on Mount Sinai over novel COVID-19 concerns

Mount Sinai Health System which includes medical facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens said on Monday night that they will restrict access to visitors at all of their hospital and ambulatory sites.

The health network said in a statement that starting Tuesday they would prohibit all visitors across the Mount Sinai Health System due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Today, we are reaching out to notify you that we are significantly restricting access to visitors,” the statement read.

With some exceptions, the restrictions would apply to visitors to the emergency departments, inpatient units, ambulatory sites and other facilities.

The exceptions included: one healthy partner in maternity, one healthy visitor in end-of-life care, and one healthy visitor in pediatric intensive care.

If any of those visitors show symptoms of the coronavirus, they will be asked to leave.

By Monday, New York state reported more than 950 coronavirus cases. Nine people have died so far from the virus in New York state.

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