US Soldiers kneel down over George Floyyd protesters in solidarity.

A video of US soldier surfaces on Social media that they kneel over the George Floyyd protesters in solidarity of Protesters. The incident took place when protesters argued from the group of soldier on the post to remove the barricade for heading the March forward.

In the social media video one of the protester, a girl argued and tries to conveyance to move ahead and ask soldier to allow this March protestors but soldier refused and replied they have no orders. And then group of soldiers kneel down over the protesters to calm down the situation.

A girl ask to the soldier we need you to stop the government oppression, Lets March with us, Look at your own people, March besides us, that all you hear us.

Soldier replied I can’t leave this post but I March with you on this street only and Kneel down in solidarity of protesters for calm down the situation. Protesters appreciates the soldiers act of kindness and thank them.

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