US Senate Reaches Temporary Deal to Halt Shutdown

WASHINGTON: The Democrats and the Republicans have struck a temporary deal ends a three-day long government shutdown.

A provisional agreement was made between the two parties Monday evening on the federal budget.

Senior Democrat Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer told BBC that his party is ready to negotiate with Republicans to end the shutdown.

He said an interim deal has been reached, but the legislation over young immigrants still hanging in the middle.

He said Democrats are working to pass a bill to save undocumented immigrants from deploration.

Schumer said the shutdown was expected to end in next few hours.

Why the Deadlock?

The Democrats’ attempt save more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the US as children from deportation was the key reason for the deadlock.

Obama administration introduced a programme for these immigrants, calling them ‘Dreamers.’ Under this programme, the Dreamers were granted temporary legal status under. But, Trump in September 2016 announced to end the programme and directed the Congress to devise a replacement policy until March, tough on undocumented immigrants.


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