US, Pakistan Remove Restrictions on Each Other’s Diplomats

US Lifts Travel Restrictions on Pakistan Diplomats

The Trump administration has announced to remove travel restrictions placed on Pakistani diplomats based in the United States over a year ago.

he State Department confirmed that the travel controls are being removed from the Pakistani diplomatic personnel assigned to the Pakistan’s Embassy in Washington DC and their dependents.

Both countries had imposed movement limitations in May last year. Under the US restrictions, Pakistani diplomats were banned from moving further than 25 miles from the cities in which they were posted. They were also required to seek permission from the State Department five days in advance if they planned to visit another city.

The Pakistani restrictions also confined US diplomats to certain areas within the city they worked and lived in. Pakistan also withdrew special treatments given to US diplomats at Pakistani airports.

American diplomats were barred from using tinted glass on their vehicles or having diplomatic registration plates on private vehicles. Before renting property, American diplomats were required to obtain a no-objection certificate from Pakistan’s interior ministry.

Tensions heightened in April last year when a US diplomat ran a red light, killing a motorcyclist

However, relations between the two countries have improved markedly since Prime Minister Khan’s visit to Washington last month.

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