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US, New York, Muslim Covid 19 deceased bury without bath and shrouds

Families cannot even see the face of their love ones

New York city is the most affected from the Pandemic Corona Covid19. The burial of Muslims becomes a serious problem in virus hit NYC. Many Muslims in New York died from the Corona virus, including many Bangladeshis and two Pakistanis.

Imtiaz Ahmad, director of the Al Ryan Muslim Funeral Home in New York, while speaking at the Voice of South Asia, Urdu transmission program, hosted by Sameen Nawaz named Social review, said that they received dead body of a Pakistani woman and a man to Al Ryan Muslim Funeral services in New York so far.

In addition, they buried three Bangladeshi covid19 deceased. He did not disclose the identities of the deceased and said that if any person is infected from corona virus either he or she is from Pakistani community or overall in Muslim community, they did not disclosed the identity of the deceased, and not want to publicized the reason of death, Imtiaz Ahmed said. Recently, his acquaintance whole family tested positive from the Corona virus test.

Similarly, another Pakistani Uber driver infected from deadly corona virus straight in a row his wife, children and his parents infected from the same covid19.

He said, virus spread rapidly in the Muslim community because people are hiding it and some people are being infected due to unaware from the situation. And this was the reason the exact data of the Covid19 infected and dead remains unidentified. Imtiaz Ahmed said we received bodies already rolled or packed in a plastic bag from the hospital.

It is not permissible from Hospital authorities to open the covered plastic. They bring the deceased bodies from the hospital to a funeral home where it cannot be bathed. Shroud is already covered over the plastic packed body and placed in a coffin and sealed packed. The coffin sent to the cemetery. Their families did not see the face of the covid 19 deceased.

Funeral services become a serious problem in NYC. Four to six people need to handle a dead body and cofin. People who have been doing this for years, hear about the Covid 19 infected dead body make excuses and leave from work.

Imtiaz Ahmad said that the handlers are fully equipped and wears disposable aprons and masks with gloves to shroud the deceased and put them in the coffin. Despite this, we did not get workers for the services.

In this severe situation some families’ shrouded the plastic packed deceased in hospital and send sealed coffin directly to the cemetery from the hospital for burial. He expressed his concern on the outbreak in New York, saying that every new day we received more dead bodies from previous day.

He fears that there may be more fatalities in the coming days. The Bangladeshi population have highest mortality rate in the Muslim community, which is probably because the whole family lives together in a small place and the number of old age people is up.

Imtiaz Ahmed said burial of a deceased cost $ 250 to $ 6,000 total, but if someone is in dire need, they do not pay for the Funeral Home services. They only paid for cemetery, and if the deceased family did not afford the cemetery expenses then Muslim Social welfare organization ICNA relief bare the expenses.

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