US marks July 4 Independence day

4th of July marks the US Independence day. On the Independence Day celebrations organize at White house, President Donald Trump and first lady Melinia Trump along with political and military leadership were present on the occasion.

President Trump said in his speech that we did not allow dividing our citizens in race and color and he also expresses his determination to defeat leftist extremists. protesters wanted to erase US history, we will overthrow such people US President added.

Fire works at White House, screen captured photo courtesy Aljazeerah

The event also featured a spectacular air show, which began with a salute from Air Force One and para-troopers jumping with the national flag. Fireworks based on the colors of the American flag also colored Salute to America Independence day event.

BLM Protesters, Screen capture Photo courtesy Aljazeerah

On the other end, protests continue across the United States since May 25 and did not stop even on Independence Day. Protest also arranged in front of the White House in support of George Floyd. Supporters of Donald Trump also gathered in front of the White House and chanted slogans against the opposition. Protesters clashed with each other and set fire to an American flag in front of the White House.

Pro Trump protesters,
Screen captured photo courtesy Aljazeerah

Protesters demanded from US government to take steps to bring reforms on racial discrimination and policing in the United States.

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