US Immigrants Agitated As Trump Draw Latest Anti-Immigrant Move

The Justice Department of the United States of America has announced that it’s dedicating a section of its workforce to review denaturalization cases — a move that’s likely to worry immigrant advocates who’ve expressed concern about the administration stripping citizenship from Americans.

The latest move by the Justice Department is in line with broader administration efforts to investigate cases where individuals are believed to have illegally obtained US citizenship.


Previously, denaturalization was primarily used by the DOJ to prosecute those who jeopardized national security, but the new Denaturalization Section will allow the federal officials to look into cases of fraud. Though alarms were rung among some department lawyers who fear denaturalization lawsuits could be used against immigrants who have not committed serious crimes.”


Denaturalization can have a chain reaction effect, too, as the denaturalization of a parent or spouse can result in the revoked citizenship of a child, partner, or other dependents


While previous administrations have launched initiatives to investigate the circumstances under which an individual has obtained US citizenship, the decision has sparked a mild fear among the immigrants for they brace for a tougher form of regulation as Trump gets close to getting re-elected as the President.

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