US House condemns Trump’s racist attack on Congresswomen

The US House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to condemn President Donald Trump’s racist tweets against four Democratic congresswomen of colour. It was a symbolic measure aimed at shaming Trump and his fellow Republicans who stood by him.

The House resolution passed by a vote of 240-187 with only four Republicans joining all Democrats and one Independent in favour.

“The world is watching. They are shocked and dismayed because it seems we have lost our way as a proud and dignified people,”a representative John Lewis, a Democrat and civil rights leader said.

Mr Trump did not explicitly name the women – all four of whom are US citizens – in his initial Twitter tirade, but the context made a clear link to the four Democratic congresswomen, who are known as The Squad.

Some Republicans defended Trump’s tweets, like Tom McClintock of California, who said the president was commenting on the patriotism of the congresswomen, not their race.

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