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US Congress members expressed deep concern over the Kashmir situation.

New York:

American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) organized an online meeting webinar on the theme of “Kashmir, Without Human Rights”.Leading members of the US Senate and Congress have expressed deep concern over the situation in the region, including the ongoing year-long lock down in occupied Kashmir, human rights and civil liberties.

The webinar expressed concern over the human rights situation in Occupied Kashmir, continuous lock down and other Indian measures, including restrictions on freedom of expression.

Congressman Tom Souzzi said “We have to stand up for human rights, and believe that every person is valuable. When communication is cut off , either people are detained for political reasons or Being discriminated on their religion and also used military ,it shows situation is not friendly for people.

Pakistani Ambassador Dr. Sad Majeed Khan said Kashmir is a flash point and hot spot, This issue has become a threat to peace and stability in South Asia and it is also a major cause of uncertainty on the Line of Control (LOC).“I think India may carry out a false flag operation like Pulwama to divert the attention of the international community and for its local political ambitions, He added.

While Talking to Participants of webinar Dr. Aijaz Ahmed Chairman APPAC said Human rights violations is continue in occupied Kashmir and the whole world is silent. “Kashmir issue has been hot spot for more than 70 years and only way to bring Regional stability is to resolve this issue otherwise possibility of  war between two nuclear powers cannot be eliminated”, He added

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s Campaign Muslim Coordinator Farooq Mitha said it’s time to bring a Political change in white house and it  should come in the form of Biden, who has been in the US Senate for 30 years. He said if  Joe Biden’s elected as US president  he might meet with world leaders on the first day of his presidency to discuss global issues, and may have some tough talks.

Kashmiri American Leader Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai Said in webinar that There is only one slogan in Kashmir and it is “Slogan of  freedom”,  Kashmiri resistance against oppression of  Indian Army it’s a clear sign of  their one and only wish and obviously is to get freedom.

Board Member APPAC Pervez Siddiqui said We should make the world aware of  Kashmiri’s atrocities and have to ensure a solution. I Hope we won’t have a zoom meeting again on next August 5 to discuss the Kashmir issue.

Prof. Faizan-ul-Haq said as Americans, we believe that continues to pursue a path of destabilizing and extremist rhetoric in south Asian region by India it is against American interests.

During Webinar Athar Tirmizi also shared his views and said constitutional special Status of Kashmir cannot be remained Cancelled a long.

Prof. Zahid Bukhari from ICNA Council for Social Justice said that the responsibility of Pakistani and Kashmiri’s American in current situation become important, whenever we talk about global social justice issues, including Kashmir we must make the best use of our presence and role in the United States.

Dr. Mahmood Alam, President APPAC New Jersey said in Webinar, “We are grateful to those members of Congress who have raised their voices on the issue of Kashmir, human rights and other issues on important forums, including Congress”.

Congresswoman Rashida Talib Presented Resolution No. 724 on the ongoing Kashmir situation. This is a commendable step. We must make effective lobbying in the US Congress and make US law and policy makers aware of the realities of the Kashmir issue, he added.

Kashmiri American woman leader Dr. Tanveer Mir said, India is trying to impose colonial-style occupation to change the demographics of occupied Kashmir and wants to Convert majority into minority through changing  of  domicile laws.

Kashmiri American Faisal Shah said on the occasion that India imposed curfew not only in Srinagar but also in every area either suburbs or  Towns but they failed to achieve any kind of political goals.

Attorney Ayesha said When the Modi government took action on Articles 370 and 35A, I personally know that Kashmir was cut off from the world and Kashmiri’s parents and children who were far away from each other, We should inform the world about human rights as well as the impact of the situation on women in Kashmir.

Sajjad Qamar, Member of  Pakistani’s American Business Association said that he knows very well the importance of stability for economy. No doubt India have a big economy but cannot create economic opportunities by besieging Kashmir.

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