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Unique wedding of its kind in US

Young couple set a high example of simplicity


The most expensive and lavish weddings may have been seen generally, but the young Atlanta couple Sara Wada and Dr. Ilyas Qureshi simply got married in a mosque instead of wasting money, Clarkson teamed up with ICNA Relief in the Atlanta area.

About 500 hot meals distributes to needy family. It was a unique wedding of its kind in the US. The newlyweds said that marriage is an important duty and we wanted to start this new journey of our lives with good deeds instead of unnecessary rituals.

Sheikh Shamik Shahadat, Director of ICNA Relief Southeast, and Abdullah Jabbar, In-Charge of Georgia Care, specially attended the unique wedding ceremony and performed the nikah.

He said that today’s young generation does not have a tendency to marry simply but the method adopted by this newlywed couple is unparalleled.

The example set by this young couple by marrying in the mosque and sharing their happiness with the needy instead of wasting money and unreasonable insistence is inspiring not only the young generation of America but the whole world.


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