Two-day Inter European Urdu Festival at Berlin Germany

Berlin, Germany,
The two-day Inter European Urdu Festival was organized by the Radio Awaz Berlin and Aalmi Afsana Forum. Authors, poets and journalists from more than ten European countries participated in this two-day Inter European Urdu Writers Festival at Berlin, Germany and presented their piece of writings as well as an overview of the current situation of Urdu language and literature in their countries.

They also expressed their intention to further enhance efforts and activities for the promotion of Urdu literature and language.

Participants of Inter European Urdu Festival at Berlin Germany

Among the modern Urdu language and literature settlements in Europe, Germany is emerging as an important Urdu settlement.

In this festival, the situation of Urdu in Europe collectively was reviewed and the problems faced by Urdu language and literature were identified and suggestions for their solution were discussed.

This two-day literary festival was based on three important sessions in which Urdu language philosophers and intellectuals from European countries presented their work on the situation of Urdu in their countries.

The second session of the European Urdu Writers Festival was about Urdu fiction, featuring the best Urdu fiction and translations from European and especially German fiction writers.

The last session of the two-day literary festival was held on October 18 in the form of a poetry recital in which poets from more than ten European countries participated.

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