TTP Chief Mulla Fazlullah’s Son and 21 Killed in Drone Strike

KABUL: At least twenty-two suspected militants of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) including its chief Mullah Fazlullah’s son killed in a US drone strike.

The drone targeted a hideout of the militants in Kunar province of Afghanistan.

The officials said most of the dead belong to the Swat district of Pakistan – the hometown of Fazlullah.

The officials said one would-be suicide bomber belonged to the Dir district and one to the Swabi district while 18 were from the Swat valley. One dead militant was an Afghan, they added.

An intelligence official said the drone struck on the day the training of the bombers was about to be completed.

According to the official, there was strong evidence that Mulla Fazlullah’s son was among the dead.



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