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Trump is the name of change says Tarar

The Republican Party has appointed Sajid Tarar as co-chairman of the Muslim Voices for Trump, while the Democrats have appointed Athar Tirmizi as the national director of the Pakistan for Biden Council.


In New York, Raja Sajid, a Pakistani community entrepreneur, hosted a discussion between Sajid Tarar of Muslim Voices for Trump and Athar Tirmizi of Pakistani for Biden at a restaurant on Long Island. Also present were Fatima, a Council Women’s candidate from District 25, Jennifer Raj Kumar, a Democratic candidate from District 38, Jaswant Singh from Sardar Community, Ali Rashid, President of the American Pakistani Public Advocacy Group, and others. Lieutenant of New York Police Zaigham Abbas and beloved personality among Pakistani community started the debate by reciting the Holy Quran. Mawiz Asad Siddiqui host the debate and introduced guests.

Sajid Tarar of Muslim Voices for Trump spoke on economic and political conditions as well as social attitudes. He added that after the Corona epidemic, the whole world is facing economic challenges. People have taken politics as a business while democracy is purely a service to the people


He added that African Americans are the 14 percent of the population in United States, but the fact is that Barack Obama has been re-elected twice is proof that there is no more racism in society. Traditional media is anti-Trump and voters are being mentally isolated.

Trump is the real face of Change in US, Even in the last election, Hillary Clinton has leads over Trump till the last moment but the results are in front of everyone Sajid tarrar added.

Moreover He added that in the last five years, dynamics of world politics has changed significantly and people in many countries have chosen new faces instead of traditional politicians.


At the end of his speech, he leave the question to the audience to ask themselves how they got America and what kind of America today they are building for the new generation.


In response to Sajid Tarar’s arguments in favor of Republican Donald Trump, Athar Tirmidhi, on behalf of Muslim for Biden, said on his turn that we definitely want change in politics and government but never ready to be a part of political system. No matter who hold the President Office and government, we will not have a sufficient place in politics unless we strengthen ourselves in local politics.


Ali Rashid of the American Pakistani Advocacy Group briefed the participants on the performance of his organization APAG. While participating in the debate that local level politics is the nursery in a democracy. One cannot step into national level politics without engaging in local politics.


Local government candidates from republican and democrats also voiced their views. Jennifer Raj Kumar, a candidate from District 38 in New York, said that in this election we all have to choose a leader who will make the country strong.


On the occasion, candidate for Council Women from New York District 25 Fatima said that unfortunately we have fallen to individualism. Personality does not matter in politics. People should choose the candidate who is capable to deliver the best for them.

Jaswant Singh of Sardar Community also expressed his views on the occasion. He said that Sajid Tarar was the first Pakistani and Muslim to stand in support of Trump. The South Asian community should cast their votes in this election beyond race, nationality and religion.

After the debate, a series of questions and answers also initiated. Members of the Pakistani community interviewed Sajid Tarar and Athar Tirmidhi, campaigners for the Republican and Democratic candidates. Aslam Baig’s Sajid Tarar was asked about the declining state of the economy in the United States


In response, Sajid Tarar said that no president before Trump had been opposed to China’s economic policies. Seventy thousand jobs were relocated to China and President Trump brought back, while farmers who were being destroyed were helped to recover.

Muhammad Asif of the Pakistani community asked Athar Tirmidhi of Muslim for Biden that we have always campaigned in support of Republicans and Democrats in elections, but after the election results, the fruits do not pass to us.

In response, Athar Tirmidhi said that Joe Biden’s Pakistani-American campaign was chosen in order to better motivate Muslims and their community to vote in the election, but that did not mean that. A Pakistani organization is campaigning for Biden.


Raja Sajid, the host of the debate, presented bouquets of flowers to the special guests Sajid Tarar, Athar Tirmidhi, Ali Rashid, Jennifer Raj Kumar and Fatima and acknowledged them all.

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