Tribute to 13 July 1931 Martyrs in Frankfurt, demonstrations against Indian atrocities in Kashmir, Modi government left Nazism behind


Left-wing MLPD protests in Frankfurt, Germany, against Indian atrocities in Kashmir. The speakers said that the Indian government has left Nazism behind in the current violence in Kashmir.

Demonstrators of “We are the Pakistan” organized the rally in favor of the independence of Kashmir. They raised their voices against the Indian atrocities and held the flags and banners of Kashmir and Pakistan. Several NGOs and Human rights groups participated in the rally. Founder of “We are Pakistan” Mehmood Saeed, general secretary Asad ullah Tariq, Zeeshan and Noman represented Pakistan on this occasion.

Mehmood Saeed said that India has been perpetrating inhumane atrocities in occupied Kashmir for over eleven months. Modi government continues it’s barbaric oppressions and left the famour oppression of Nazis, far behind while the human rights activists were caught asleep. Let the United Nations and the International Organization for Justice Raise voices for Kashmiris.

Millions of Kashmiris have been trapped in curfew for eleven months, and have been looking towards the people from all over the world for aiding in their despair.

On this occasion, various NGOs called for an end to the complete uprooting of nationalist elements in Germany. Speakers called on the government to crack down on low-wage payers and ensure equal pay for all workers.

The demonstrations were attended by dozens of people from the Middle East and African region, including local leaders of the German political party.

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