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Throgs Neck Nursing Center in Bronx, celebrates Nicholas Calabrese 103 birthday

The NYPD’s oldest living retired detective, worked during most crime provoked years of New York City’s  as he turned 103-years-old Friday, Calabrese, celebrated his birthday at the Throgs Neck Rehabilitation Center in the Bronx, recalled a single joyful memory that has stuck with him all these years. I think about the old times. Bad ones, good ones, Nicholas Calabrese stated over encircled by a crowd of 30 cops and friends who were in wonder at his life story and the detective career during the 1970s.

Nicholas Calabrese celebrated 103rd  birthday at Throgs Neck Nursing Center in Bronx.

He often thought about a woman helped in birth on 116th Street years ago and named her child after him. A kid runs up to me and says, my mother needs you. The cop followed the kid into the house, through the kitchen and into a room where a pregnant woman was about to give birth, Calabrese whispered to the crowd. She asks me what my name is, and we delivered the baby right there, and she named him after me, Nicholas.

Detectives’ Endowment Association President Paul DiGiacoma said Calabrese was a true hero who served under New York City’s transit police as a detective at a very difficult time in this city when crime was at its maximum in 70s. His age echoes the age as the union that represents him, and we are truly honored and proud to be here today. To seek the rank of detective as a transit police officer, it was very difficult to do.

The guest of honor took all the praise that he was happy to be around so many people he cared about. I feel good. I think about if I’m going to be here next year, I hope so, Calabrese said. Bob Lappe, a retired officer who volunteers at the nursing home, spent a lot of time listening to Calabrese’s stories. He’s an inspiration to us all, and the stories that he has, he could go for days with some of the things that he’s seen. It’s truly incredible. Lappe reminded bringing Calabrese to a Yankees game and having him on the field before the game. When they played the national anthem, Calabrese had tears in his eyes, Lappe summon up.

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