Taliban insurgents acquired advance drone technology

Baseer Hotak, Kabul

Taliban insurgents launches mortar attacks from drones last week, two drones fired several mortar shells at Army Corps 217 Pamir Base in northeastern province of Kunduz. The attacks took place between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Friday. resultant army helicopter destruction and damages on under construction facilities.

Journalists were not allowed inside Pamir Army Corps 217 and damage details of the base could not be ascertained. According to reports, drones hovered over army base for more than an hour. The demolition of drones was difficult for army officials and both drones disappeared after the attacks.

The Taliban have made two major changes to their warfare techniques, one is targeting their opponents with magnetic mines and the other using guided drones for defense and security officials.

Defense analysts have called this use of advance technology is dangerous, and a threat to national security and it would intensify the war.

Defense officials are also investigating for the origin or organization, where Taliban acquired this drone technology, on the other side there has been no reaction from Taliban insurgents to drone strikes.

Military officials in Paktia confirmed that shell was dropped by a drone to hit a vehicle, but the shell did not explode.

Mortar shelling on military officials in Paktia and attacks on an army base in Kunduz have confirmed that Taliban insurgents acquired advance drone technology.

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