Sudan army chief among senior officers arrested

Sudan’s military arrested a top general and several others over a foiled coup attempt announced earlier this month.

The army said it had arrested Gen. Hashem Abdel-Muttalib Babakr, the head of the joint chiefs of staff, and at least 16 other high-ranking officers linked to a suspected bid to return the party of ousted President Omar al-Bashir to power.

The military “revealed a coup attempt involving General Hashim Abdel Muttalib Ahmed, head of the joint chiefs of staff, and several high-ranking officers from the armed forces and the National Intelligence and Security Service, along with leaders of the Islamic Movement and the National Congress Party”

“The failed attempt aims to abort your glorious revolution and to return the former National Congress regime to power,” and to disrupt efforts to establish a civilian-run state, the council said.

Babakr was appointed chief of staff just days after Bashir was ousted in April, following months of protests against the president’s 30-year rule. The ruling military council is trying to finalize a power-sharing deal with protest leaders for a three-year transition toward elections.

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