“South Asian is the fastest growing community”: Director Nassau County Long Island

Laura Curran, Executive Director of Nassau County Long Island Admitted to South Asians as the fastest growing community.

She was Addressing as chief guest on the occasion of ICNA Relief fund raising ceremony held in a local hotel of Nassau County. In her address she insisted upon everyone to ensure their participation a must in Census 2020.

She stated that the senior citizens and children must be counted as a person and that trusted messengers must be organized for every community.

She instructed the attendees to fill up the census form and make sure that we get our fellow share. She said “We want to make sure that we were doing everything for census 2020, we could reach out to this population to our Asian communities and Working along on office of minority affairs and the office of Hispanic affairs”.

She explained that Nassau County is the 5th far district county in New York Long Island state out of 62 counties. She left question toward attendees that what happen if we do not get counted? We wouldn’t get out of share from federal aid, fixing of roads, fixing out development and other really important programs even we could also loose a congress person or 2 or 3, if we are not counted here in Nassau County.

“Please tell your friends, tell your networks that u can fill census form via email or send it to census bureau through (old fashion) post. Fill up the census form and make sure that we get our fellow share”, she added.

Laura Curran also highlighted the precarious measures and awareness on Corona virus.

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