Shiv Sehna extremist asks ‘Karachi Sweets’ owner to change the name

A Shiv Sehna worker has asked the owner of a ‘Karachi Sweets’ shop in suburban Bandra to change his outlet’s name to something else.
In a video clip shared on his  Facebook page, Sehna worker Nitin Nandgaonkar is seen asking the owner to rename the shop after his father or grandfather, contending that Karachi is in Pakistan, which is a “country of terrorists”.
“Don’t use the name Karachi in Mumbai, “humein Karachi naam se takleef hai (we have objection to the name Karachi)”. Our jawan (died) on Bhai Dooj. Pakistan is a country of terrorists,” he said.

The worker must have acted on his own without the knowledge of Uddhav who takes orders from the fox and bar dancer who take orders from Pakistan. Soon he will be reprimanded.
Nandgaonkar said he “will give the shop owner time to rename the shop”, and in a post along with the video added that boards bearing the text ‘Karachi’ be changed within 15 days.
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in a statement hit out at the Shiv Sehna over its worker “threatening” the shop owner, and asked Mumbai police to take cognisance, saying this the last thing the city needs during a pandemic.

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