Shabeeh Farooqi, person behind iconic jingle ‘Aye Khuda Meray Abbu Salamat Rahain’, passes away

New York,

Shabeeh Farooqi, the person behind the iconic jingle ‘Aye Khuda Meray Abbu Salamat Rahain’, passed away on Thursday morning in America.

Shabeeh Farooqi was a very well known personality from the Pakistani Advertising and Media fraternity.

He contributed as a copywriter, poet, and lyrist, for the Pakistani advertising industry and created iconic jingles including:

– Subha Binaca…Shaam Binaca
– Meri muthi main band hai kiya! Bata do na…Naaz Paan masala
– Bhool na jana phir Pappa
– Jahan jahan bulb jalay, philips kay bulb aur tube jalain and the list goes on.

He had also written so many beautiful songs mostly from the 80’s era. Not many knew that he wrote ‘Allah Allah kar bhaiya’ sung by Alan Faqeer and Mohammad Ali Shehki, ‘Choti si ghalat fahmi’ that was sung by Tina Sani, and also many other songs which were sung by Alamgir.

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