Scottish fishermen halts exports to EU.

Muqeem Ahmad, UK,

One by one, problems have arisen since Britain’s secession from European Union.
Scottish fishermen have halt exports to European Union.

The colorful fish, fresh prawns and other foodstuffs off the coast of Scotland are not only a great source of nutrition’s in 27 European countries, but also a source of income for fishing industry. Now Scottish fishermen have stopped exports to EU.

Because after BREXIT, it became impossible to do business due to restriction of health certificate, customs declaration and other documentation. Completion of orders took a long time which leads to financial loss. Scottish fishermen’s representative Jimmy Birkin said deliveries that used to take a day are now taking three to four days and owners do not even know where their valuables are.

While, on the other side, largest British company provides transport to fishermen has temporarily limited its services to Europe.

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