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Sabz Quba of Hazrat Imam Hassan Mujtaba (a.s.), “Shahbeeh e Taboot procession” organizes for the first time in the history of USA by Global Husseini Mission.

Queens, New York,

Global Husseini Mission USA, organizes ” Shahbeeeh e taboot procession” for the first time in the history of the US, Nawasa e Rasool, Jigar Gosha Ali and Batool, Raqib Dosh Rasool, Prince of peace,  Karim Ahlul Bayt, Sabz Quba of Hazrat Hassan Mujtaba (as),  shabeeh Taboot procession was taken out in connection with the day of martyrdom.

Hazrat Imam Hassan Mujtaba, Taboot in Queens, NYC and Juloos Azaadari

 A large number of mourners attended the first shabeeh e Taboot procession in Queens (New York) to show their love and devotion to the Ahlul Bayt.

Global Husseini Foundation Chairman Mohsin Shah Naqvi, President Bilal Shah, General Secretary Javed Hussain, Treasurer Tabassum Ali, Vice Presidents Shafqat Shah, Shehzaday Shah, Mr. Javed, Syed Shah, Qarar Haider Naqvi and others played vital role in organizing this shabeeh e Taboot procession.

All Shiite associations and mourners in Tri-State collaborated in arrange the shabeeh e Taboot for the procession.

General Secretary Javed Hussain performed the duties of administrator. A procession Majlis e Azza was held at Maple Grove Park (Q Garden Court) before the mourning processions was held.

Maulana Qasid Abbas at Imam Hasan Mujtaba (a.s.) coffin processions.

Maulana Qasid Abbas, a young religious scholar and enthusiastic speaker addressed the mourners it should be noted that the solicitor of Ahl-e-Bayt Allama Dr. Sakhawat Hussain Sundharalvi and Maulana Anwar Ali had given their time of speeches to the young Zakir. Maulana Qasid Abbas shed light on the life of Hazrat Imam Hassan (as). He said that Hazrat Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan are two names and two Imams but their mission is same. Their destination is one and we have to follow their mission to reach the destination. This shabeeh e Taboot procession is not for differences but for unity. This is the best opportunity for all nations to come together on this platform.

This Alam is the knowledge of peace and the message of peace, He said that the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), I am leaving among you two precious things which are the source of divine guidance for us, the Holy Qur’aan and the other is Ahl al-Bayt. There is no difference of opinion among the Ummah. He also mended the shabeeh e Taboot procession. Allama Sakhawat Hussain Sundheralvi accompanied the procession from beginning to end. Initially, the New York Police Department did not allow mourning processions in the park because of Covid-19, but later allowed.

Shabeeh e Taboot procession with mourners

Speaking on the occasion, Mohsin Shah, Chairman, Global Husseini Foundation, thanked all the participant and volunteers. He said that we are thankful to Allah, that today, for the first time in the history of the US, the procession of Imam Hassan Sabz Quba is being taken out. While stated, the aims and objectives of the Global Husseini Mission the chairman said that the main objective of the organization is to promote mourning and this is the way for our salvation and forgiveness, and this is what our elders taught us and we have to pass the same to our future generations.

Mohsin Shah Naqvi

 Mohsin Shah Naqvi said that, 8 years before the responsibility given to us of Global Husseini Mission Karbala Iraq. Our entire team has organized this procession coffin with great hard work and efforts. “We will not thank you, nor can you. You can get reward from Mother of Hassan(a.s.) and Hussain (a.s.),” he said.

Efforts are being made now a days to stop mourning processions in Pakistan. I would like to quote a Sunni scholar here, he stated that whoever tries to bathe an unclean dog, the dog is not clean, but he himself becomes impure and unclean. The same is true for those who stop of mourners and they will be worse off in support of Yazid. Who so ever stopped mourning in Pakistan or anywhere in the world cannot be Hussaini they are Yazidi. He added that Global Husseini Mission needs the moral support from all of you. We do not need any donations from you. Please visit our Husseini House, eat niaz Hussain and pray for us.

Agha Shaukat Jafari congratulated in his address to mission team on organizing the first ever procession of the shabeeh e Taboot procession of Hazrat Imam Hassan Sabz Quba under the auspices of Global Hussaini mission in the U.S.

Muhammad Ali Tipu, Nad e  Ali, Akif Ali, Naveed Jafari, Abbas Jafari and others offered Soz o Salam

Noha Khuwani at Juloos Imam Hassan Mujtaba (a.s.) Queens, NYC

Shiite associations and mourning groups participated in the mourning processions. Sabil e Ghazi and Niaz Hussain were arranged along the way.

The procession was attended by a large number of women, children and the elders. Police accompanied the shabeeh e Taboot procession along the way and ensured traffic arrangements. The procession began at Hoover Avenue, Maple Grove Park and ended at Queens Boulevard at the Al Khoi Islamic Center.

Niaz Hassan Mujtaba was arranged for the mourners at Hussaini House where Niaz was distributed among a large number of mourners.

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