Russian Bombing of Syria, Death toll rises to 38

Syrian and Russian air raids killed at least 50 people and wounded scores in northwestern Syria on Monday, most of them in a crowded market in rebel-held territory of Idlib.

At least 36 civilians and two unidentified persons were killed in the attack on a vegetable market in the town of Maarat al-Numan.

The head of the local hospital, Radwan Shardub, described his horror at seeing “burnt and carbonised bodies and body parts”. “It’s boundless criminality to shameful international silence,” he said.

Another 12 civilians were killed in government air raids in other parts of Idlib on Monday.

Shortly after the market attack, Syrian state media said rebels shelled the government-held village of Jourin in northern Hama province, killing seven civilians.

The region has witnessed intensive air attacks and bombardment on a daily basis as Syrian troops, backed by Russian air cover, try to push their way into the enclave near the Turkish border.

Idlib province is the last major rebel stronghold in the country outside the control of Assad forces.

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