Rocket Attack Damages Two Houses in Landi Kotal, Pakiatan

At last two houses were partially damaged asĀ  two rockets fired from a nearby hilltop landed at the army camp in Landi Kotal area of Pakistan.

Local security officials said that the rockets were fired from Hamza Baba ridge which overlooked the army camp with an interval of 20 minutes. The first rocket was fired at 3am and the second at around 3:20am, they added.

Security forces later conducted a search operation in the surrounding areas and took into custody two suspected persons identified as Najeebullah and Tahirullah. They were shifted to army camp for interrogation.

Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in statement issued to local media after the incident claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hence, TTP did not make any claim about casualties in the attack and insisted that the rockets hit the targets.

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