Renowned religious Islamic scholar Allama Talib Johri passes away

Karachi, Web desk,

Allama Talib Johri, renowned Islamic scholar, Sham e Ghariba cleric on state owned TV, poet, and historian passed away on Sunday in Karachi at the age of 80.

He was unwell and was admitted from June 10th to the hospital in Karachi.

According to source, the elderly scholar had been suffering from prolonged illnesses. He was previously admitted to hospital several times due to the declining health conditions. Allama Talib Johri was an author of a few of the most compact and exceptional Urdu books on Tafseer, philosophy and History and Hadith.

His book “Alamaat e Zahoor e Mehdi (AS)” is considered as one of the most comprehensive books compiled and written on the topic of Imam Mehdi (AS), the awaited savior.

His book “Hadees–e–Karbala” is one of the few “Maqtal” written in Urdu and has been considered as one of the well-compiled sources to the traditions related to the event of Karbala.

Allama Talib johri was born in 1939 at Patna  Bihar in British India,  his initial education  accomplished under his Father supervision Molana Mustafa Johri and migrated to Pakistan in 1949 after partition of British India.   He went to Iran Qoum and Iraq Najaf for higher religious education. He return to Karachi in 1965   after completion of education. Allama Talib Johri was appointed for 5 years as Principal of Jammia Immamia and lecturer at Government college Nazimabad, Karachi.

He supported ethnic and sectarian harmony. His sermons used to be composed on observance of Allah’s orders, pursuing the way of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and love and respect for Ahlybait. He was respected by both sunni and shia.


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