#RedForKashmir: Social Media Users Show Solidarity with Citizens of the Occupied Valley

As the Indian Government canceled constitutional provisions unilaterally, that give Indian-occupied Kashmir special rights, a number of Twitter hashtags popped up in solidarity with the people of the valley.

A number of social media users, mostly on Twitter, changed their display picture to a bright red colour after a call to action under the hashtag #RedForKashmir started making rounds.

Uniting under hashtags such as #RedForKashmir, #BleedForKashmir, #StandWithKashmir and #KashmirUnderThreat, social media users from around the world expressed their solidarity with the people of Kashmir, in spite of the complete communication clampdown in the occupied region.

By repealing Article 370 of the constitution, fears raised of further violence in the Muslim-majority Himalayan region where Kashmiri fighters and many residents have fought for the region’s independence or to join Pakistan.

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