Queen and Prince vaccinated to end suspicions about vaccine among citizens

Meanwhile Health Ministry approved US, Moderna.

Muqeem Ahmad, UK,

Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillips have been vaccinated against Corona virus, palace sources have confirmed vaccination news, according to doctors, they have been vaccinated at their residence in Windsor Castle.

The Queen of England is 94 years old while her husband Prince Phillips is 99 years old. The queen had ordered this news to be public due to end suspicions about vaccine among citizens. Earlier, Queen’s son Prince Charles had recovered from COVID-19.

It is unknown at this time which company vaccine she takes. Because, so far, UK has approved use of Pfizer and Biontech AstraZeneca and University of Oxford vaccines for its citizens. Initially these vaccines are being given to elderly and front line workers in UK.

The UK is the first Western country to start vaccinating citizens in early December.

Meanwhile UK Ministry of Health has approved use of the corona virus vaccine made by US company Moderna and approved purchase of an additional 10 million doses.
Thus, it is now third vaccine to be given to citizens in UK, after Pfizer Biotech, AstraZeneca and University of Oxford. UK has ordered a total of 17 million moderna doses and will begin delivering to UK this spring.

The Moderna vaccine is already being used in US, Canada, EU and Israel, and its effectiveness for end-stage patients has been recorded at 94%.

Emergency measures are being taken in UK capital London following recent outbreak of Pandemic in UK and alarming rise in number of patients and deaths.

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